Stephen G. Brown

Bible References: Luke 15:11-32; Ephesians 6:4


There is no love like a father’s love; it is foundational to our ability to love God.  A father’s love paves the way for an individual to experience the love of the God Father.  It has been said that it is not likely for a child to find a Father in God unless they are likely to find something of God in their father.

In the Prodigal Son’s story of a Father’s Love Jesus is pleading His case.  He starts out with lost things, moves to lost property, and then He makes His way to speak about lost people.  It’s a passage that focuses our attention on the father’s reaction.  It’s a story of rebellion that leads to repentance, which ultimately leads to restoration.  Two key principals are at work in this story, first faith and second, forgiveness.  We can all testify that our lives need a little more of both.

First, a father’s love releases by faith. The father in the story doesn’t argue to retain his son.  He releases him by faith knowing that his son will return by the same road that took him away.  Let go.  Faith cannot work as long as we hold onto our children.  The next point is knowing when and how to let go so our children can soar in Christ.

It is important to recognize there is a time when it isn’t enough to merely feel bad about some things we have to make a change.  It may be removing people from our lives who make it easier for us to stray.  Take the time to scroll through your phone book, select those individuals, and delete the contact.  Remove the temptation so you can soar in Christ.

Second a father’s love receives with forgiveness. He doesn’t mind being exposed or humiliated for his son. Forgiveness can only be met with repentance and love.

Third and finally a father’s love responds in fairness. God gives to his children equal love; He doesn’t play favorites.