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Pastor Brenton Cross
Regardless of the Season, Christ Can Change Your Life

Bible References: Luke 19:25-40; Matthew 21:1-11, 18-21; Zechariah 9:9
This weekend’s message not only commemorates Palm Sunday, it reaffirms why we praise God. He so loved us that he sent his “only begotten son” to save us by realigning us to God because we belong to Christ, who belongs to the Father. Jesus is a unique King. As a humble servant, He brings peace through His omnipotent power. We are reminded that through our faith in Christ, all things are possible (Matthew 21:21). For us to realize what Christ set forth for us, we have to have faith and let go and let God. We need to observe and appreciate these attributes of Christ:
1. Authority and Power – He can change anything if we let go, give it up to Him
2. Humble – He meets us right where we are
3. Peace – He brings peace with God by helping us properly align ourselves with God, thereby transforming our hearts and improving all of our personal relationships.

Action Steps: Think about what are you holding onto in your life today. Is it anxiety over your job? Is it the relationship with your spouse or children? Is it financial? Whatever it is, consider what life would be like if you brought it to Christ and let his authority and power reign.