Each week, One Community Church presents the inspirational words of one of its partners in the form of a devotional. This week’s devotion was written by Pamela Verrett and is titled, “Ally Over Adversary.”
The Word
“In the days of her affliction and homelessness, Jerusalem remembers all her precious things that were from the days of old, when her people fell into the hand of the adversary and no one helped her…”Lamentations 1:7 (NASB)

The Story
One of the days of the mission trip focused on sharing God’s Word and feeding homeless people that were living under a bridge. As I thought about what we were about to do, I became a bit anxious. I wasn’t sure that I had the courage to face homelessness. I began to talk to a man about my same age. Initially, my mind raced with various thoughts about this dire situation. Then the grace of God came over me and removed the fear. I simply saw one of God’s children in need and my heart locked in on feeding his spiritual and physical being. In that moment, I knew that I could be a humble ally to God’s children in need. The Lord helped me overcome my fears so I was able to serve the people under the bridge.

The Reflection
Sometimes, when someone falls upon misfortune, we often hesitate to jump in and help. Have you encountered someone in need and were slow to action or did not act at all? Are you fearful of a set of circumstances that would make it hard for you to help someone in need?

The Application
This week, pray daily that God gives us a spirit to help any of His children. Know that the Lord calls on us to help one another despite the circumstances.

The Prayer
Lord, give us the wisdom to look beyond ourselves so that we can be an ally instead of an adversary to those in need. Keep our hearts full of Your joy and teach us to accept all of Your children as You do. Amen!