Each week, we share some words of reflection by one of our partners in the form of a devotional.  This week’s devotional was written by Wade Johnson.
The Word:
“Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, for His lovingkindness is everlasting.”  Psalm 107:1 (NASB)
The Story:
I love playing the game of golf, and I have found that my best results come when I focus on playing one shot at a time. My goal is to enjoy each shot, and do my best. Likewise in life, I’ve learned not to condemn myself for prior mistakes, or focus too much on my successes, but to be grateful for whatever situation in which I find myself. By focusing on the present, I can become more aware of God’s work.  There is wonder to behold in each person, and each creation of God.  He gave me a mind, body, and will, and they all work together to accomplish so much.  My memory allows me to relive my experiences and learn from them. But even more spectacular is that I am created in the image of the God who created the universe.  In His infinite wisdom, He gave me the capacity to communicate with Him. Because I know all of this about the Lord, I can continuously have a grateful heart.
The Reflection:
How often do we spend time just thanking the Lord for His goodness? What is keeping us from having a spirit of gratitude? What steps can we take to recognize the goodness of the Lord in our lives?

The Application:
Let’s keep an open perspective for what God is doing in and around us so that we do not miss the wonder of it all, even for a moment.  Taking time each day to see the beauty in what the Lord has designed for us and who He created us to be will help us to keep an attitude of gratitude.
The Prayer:
Father, we are in awe of Your greatness! Thank you for creating us so that we may enjoy Your wonder and communicate with You.  Help us to recognize Your amazing power as You guide our lives. Amen.