People have an innate desire to be better than they really are. In many circles, this is praised as a desire for individual growth or improvement. But God’s Word calls this PRIDE. Although we are called to be humble, just as Christ was humble, we fall into the trap of pridefulness. Wondering what this pride thing looks like in our lives? Here are a few examples.

You are prideful if you…
– are a know it all.
– are a perfectionist.
– worry about how you are perceived by others.
– are defensive.
– do it all.

We have been called to do two things in this life – glorify God and spread the gospel. Yet somewhere along the way, we began to believe that we deserved more, were entitled to certain things, achieved certain things on our own, and could take offense when mistreated by others. The result…we find that our joy is fleeting. If we develop a servant’s heart we will find that our perspective on life is different because we are focused on meeting the needs of others.

Three ways to have a submissive mind (consider others as superior):
1. Consider others better than yourself. (v.3)
2. Have the mindset of a servant. (v.4-5)
3. Walk in the other person’s shoes (v. 6)