Dr. Conway Edwards, Lead Pastor

Bible References: Matthew 7:24-27; 1Corinthians 6:18-19; Ephesians 5:21;

We have a tendency to build our house on sand instead of the rock.  It looks great in the mirror and to the outside world.  On the inside it’s shaky.  Marriage will reveal who you really are.

 Four relationship principles:

  1. Healthy Relationships Start With A Healthy You. Embrace those characteristics you desire to see in others.
  2. Past Behavior & Decisions Shape Future Outcomes.  Whatever you’re doing right now in your life (e.g. habits, practices, decisions) will be in the past, but these decisions, habits, and practices ultimately give direction to and shape your future.
  3. Focus On the Spirit & Soul, the Body Will Follow. Marriages are two physical adults, but on the inside, each are babies.  We are made up of body, soul, and spirit. Instead of prioritizing the relationship with God we focus 80% of our time on our body and what we look like, how we feel, what we want.  Fiercely fight becoming a masterpiece for the enemy; focus on your connection to God.
  4. Do All Four Things & Seek Someone Who Has Too. You want your mate to be debt free, prioritize God, be chaste, and address his/her “weirdness”.  Before seeking someone who is doing all four, make it your priority to master each one.

 Four important things to do (action steps):

What kind of foundation are you building?  Are you considered wise or are you living like an unwise person?  By doing the four activities below you can prepare for a healthy relationship with the mate God has planned for you.

  1. Get out of debt.  Be disciplined about your spending.
  2. Root out the competition. Make God your priority.  Whatever consumes you and takes away from God get rid of it.  Master the art of submitting to God so you may be prepared to submit to your spouse.
  3. Stay out of bed.  Flee immorality. Stop inviting folks to your bed or going to bed with others.
  4. Clean out your closet.  Clear out the stuff that makes you weird.  Face those things before you choose a mate; choose to make a change.  Seek input from your trusted advisors.

As you evaluate your relationships and assess their health, consider each principle and the above action items.   What has it highlighted about the relationships you currently have?  What will you do to prioritize God?  How will you prepare for what God has in store for you?