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Couples Conference

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Couples who Pray Together, Stay Together

Want to take your marriage to the next level of intimacy? Join us for the 2022 Couples Conference. You’ll hear from dynamic speakers and teachers to help you dig deeper as a couple and enrich your personal walk with Christ.

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Romans 12:10

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Two are better than one; for if either of them falls, the one will lift up the companion.

Proverbs 18:22

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.

Our Speakers

Transformation begins with understanding. This year’s lineup is full of experienced & authentic communicators that will inspire your spirit, challenge your mind, and stir up your heart towards love for your spouse.

Dr. Conway Edwards

One Community Church

The founding and senior pastor of One Community Church, a church with five campuses across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and a global reach. Dr. Edwards is a speaker, author, and leader with a passion for leadership development and singles ministry.
Dr. Edwards and his wife, Jada, have two kids, Joah and Chloe.

Ryan Leak

Executive Coach

In addition to teaching at mega-churches around the country, Ryan is an executive coach, author, and corporate speaker communicating to >50,000 people monthly. An ultimate risk-taker, he proposed to his wife and married her on the same day. He and his wife Amanda have two children, Jaxson and Roman.

David Griffin

Community Life Church

David Griffin is the Founding Pastor of Community Life Church with six campuses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He is an alumni of Baylor University and Southwestern Theological Seminary. David and his wife Courtney live in Sunnyvale and they have five children (Jordan, Luke, Sarah, Paul, and Ben).

Keith Battle

Zion Church

Keith is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Zion Church, a church of 4 locations in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. He also serves as Chaplain for the Washington Wizards, and President of Sagacity, LLC through which he provides Executive Coaching for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Church Leaders.

Dr. Johnny & Lezlyn Parker

Relationship Coaches

The Parkers are relationship architects, helping couples build marriages that flourish through relationship coaching and speaking at marriage conferences nationally. Players from the Washington Commanders, Washington Mystics, Pittsburgh Steelers, and other teams have trusted the Parkers as their relationship coaches for years.

Studies Show…

The divorce rate in couples that pray together out loud on a regular basis is one in ten thousand.







Invest in Your
Spiritual Intimacy

Read & Study the Bible together
Pray out loud together
Make church a priority
Connect in community
Pour into other couples

Boost Your Odds


Change the Game


Stop the Cycle


Take the First Step


Break Intimidation


Pray with Your Spouse


Day 1

Friday July 22nd

5:30p • Registration Opens

6:00p • Pre-Conference Breakout Sessions

• Anatomy of an Affair

• Am I Setting my Kids up for Failure?

• Creating a Vision for Marriage

• De-Escalating Strategies for Tough Arguments

• The Wonder of Contentment

7:00p • Worship

7:20p • Welcome & Challenge

7:45p • General Session 1

8:15p • General Session 2

8:35p • General Session 3

9:10p • After Party

10:15p  Event End

Day 2

Saturday July 23rd

8:00a • Registration Opens & Breakfast

8:30a • Breakout Sessions

• Blended for Greatness

• Married & Young

• The Key to Intimacy is Vulnerability – How do you get Closer?

• Thriving Together as a Couple

• Winning Together Financially

9:10a • Worship Center Doors Open

9:15a • Pre-show

9:20a • Worship

9:50a • Welcome & Challenge

10:05a • General Session 4

10:40a • Challenge

10:50a • General Session

11:25a • Closing & App Time

5 Stops on the Road to Lasting Love

Know the Magic Ratio 5:1

  • Kindness toward each other helps love last even when you disagree.
  • When friendly exchanges outnumber hurtful ones 5 to 1, most couples will remain stable and happy.

Secret to Sex for Life

  • Hot sex today doesn’t make passion last forever. Love cannot thrive on sex alone.
  • The secret to great sex is emotional connection.
  • When you feel emotionally close, you can make sparks fly anytime.

Celebrate Good Times

  • Celebrate each other’s success. Savoring your victories is like a superfood for stronger intimate connection.
  • Cheering for the good times has even greater positive impact than being there in sad times.
  • Couples who celebrate when things go right feel more satisfaction, happiness, and have less conflict overall.

Are You Present?

  • It’s tempting to blame each other during conflict. Most likely there’s a disconnect on both sides.
  • Are you there for each other? Accessible, Responsive, and Engaged.
  • When you ARE together against the disconnect you help each other stay loving through conflict.

Make a Love Map

  • Learn your loved one’s likes, tastes, experiences. That’s your love map.
  • Knowing your partner’s emotional life is a powerful love potion.
  • The biggest factor (by 70%) in keeping sex, romance and passion vibrant is the quality of your friendship (based on your love map).


Plan Ahead

Don’t gamble with your marriage. You can rig the game so that you win by praying together out loud regularly, finding community as a couple, and pursuing spiritual intimacy. Have faith in your marriage for another year & register now for the 2023 Conference

Call: (469) 854-1280

2400 TX-121, Plano, TX 75025

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