Pastor Conway Edwards

Bible References: Matthew 6:10; Isaiah 14:24; Isaiah 6:2-8


God wants us to trust him completely.  By speaking with God regularly we can develop and maintain a healthy, trusting relationship with Him. Spending time with Him in prayer is the best way to get closer to God. As we get closer to God, our focus will increasingly move towards fulfilling His purpose for us. That can only occur when He is first in our life.  The Lord’s Prayer guides us in our daily conversation with God.  In the verse, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done” the word kingdom means authority or rule – God’s comprehensive rule over all creation. When we say this prayer, we are stating that we want His authority on earth the same way it is in heaven.  So, when we leave our “prayer closet,” we walk away with the mindset of not our will but God’s will – “thy will be done”.

God wants the invisible realm of heaven to manifest itself through our life here on earth, so if the world wanted to see how God’s kingdom would look, all they have to do is look at each of us.  Every gift, ability and thought we have has been given to us by God, So, when it comes to God’s plan, he wants us to be proud that we get to represent His agenda.

Three Aspects of God’s will:

1) Comprehensive will: This means that nothing takes God by surprise; whatever He wants to happen will happen.  (Isaiah 14:24)

2) Compassionate will: He wants all to be saved and have a healthy relationship with Him but not all of us will choose this; He gives us a choice, to be in His will or on our own.

3) Command will: God states that this is what I want you to do and if you do it, all will go well with you. Whatever God wants will be done.

As we strive to express God’s will throughout  the week, read Matthew 6:1-13, and then listen and be open to hear God’s guidance and purpose for us.