Pastor Stephen Brown

Bible references: Romans 8:26-31; 8: 1-4; 8:18-21; 8:15; John 14:15-18; 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Do you ever feel weak? How do you process the weakness and not waive the white flag?
Remember, that when we cannot God can; God has already figured it out. When we are weak that’s when our strength will be manifested because God recognized our limitations and had not left us to our own devices. He sent us the assistance of the Holy Spirit, which is our strength and advocate. When we pray, the Holy Spirit goes to the Father and translates our words and deepest desires on our behalf. Three important points to reinforce the fact that we are empowered to win are:
1. Know the blessing of our status (We are children of God)
2. Know the source of our strength (Holy Spirit)
3. Know the purpose of our suffering (God’s glory)
The things we go through on this side allow us to be perfected for that day when we are all called home.