By One Community Church

Fight for your marriage like everything is at stake, because it is. What habits can you build into your lives that will build your marriage?

Habit 1: Talk About Important Things 

Communicating about deeper things intentionally will build honesty and vulnerability that is endearing, edifying, and strengthening. Discuss the best part of your day, then the worst part of your day. How did you feel when each happened? Why is it the best/worst part? These questions make a great dinner-time conversation starter, and kids can participate too. Discuss the things of God together–His truths. This will deepen your walk with Him and your relationship with your spouse. 

Habit 2: Pray For Each Other, Out Loud, Together 

Pray for your spouse, out loud, face-to-face, and holding hands. Pray for their health, concerns, peace, wisdom, etc. It’s biblical and God is faithful to show up and soften hearts when we gather in His name. Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” That’s truth. 

Habit 3: Plan For Intimacy & Dating 

Life gets busy, nothing new. Nothing indicates your priorities better than your schedule. Make sure your spouse is truly a priority by making time for them on your calendar. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you stop dating each other and being romantic. 

Habit 4: Live Beneath Your Means 

Overspending is a huge problem in our culture, and consumer debt is out of control. We must be good stewards of our finances, according to God’s principles, or risk causing disorder, and chaos in this area of our lives, and marriages. 

Habit 5: Serve Others Together 

Your marriage is your ministry. Serving together is an incredibly valuable habit since it will consistently remind you that your core purpose is to bring God glory, not yourself happiness.