We believe that life change happens best in the context of community. Get connected in a ministry, life group, Bible study, or any of our environments, provides the opportunity to build lasting relationships and grow in your journey with God. Join us!


We strive to be a church where city leaders value the church’s community participation and where the community is genuinely thankful for the church’s presence and actually changes because of it. Through our local, national, and international compassion efforts, we unleash the power of God’s love into our community.


Every woman has a unique set of needs and we want to create opportunities for women to join where they are most comfortable. Our sole desire is to foster environments and opportunities for women to grow in their relationship with Christ and connect with one another.


Life as a couple with God comes with its challenges and benefits. But, nothing can be more encouraging than having other couples along the journey with you who are committed to fighting for your marriage! Marriage is just one of the many ways God bring holiness into our lives. Are you looking for opportunities to building lasting relationships with other couples who are passionate about growing in Christ? Then, the couples ministry is for you.


Onederful Kids, the Children’s Ministry, is for children from birth through 5th grade. We teach the Bible in a fun, relevant and creative way. We believe that learning about God should be tons of fun! So whether it’s skits, games, teaching or dabbling in the arts, Onederful Kids will present God’s Word in a way that’s engaging, unpredictable and memorable. Our goal is to be the best hour in every kid’s week!


Sometimes we just feel like we’re walking through life alone. With life groups, our desire is to counter that isolation by modeling the life of Christ and His intimate circle of twelve. As we journey together in life groups, we will fight for each others’ souls to bring about irresistible life change that happens best in the context of loving, caring relationships and authentic community


We seek to build a community of faithful men who are equipped to lead themselves and their families through retreats, bible studies and breakfasts. But what does that mean and what does that look like? On our journey, we will unpack what it means to be godly servant-leaders and challenge each other to pursue that life.


We believe God has designed singleness as a reflection of His image…oneness. God longs for singles to live a life full of hope, freedom and joy in knowing that He sees this season of life as a chance to maximize His glory in ways that marrieds cannot. Join us for an engaging time of fun in an environment designed to help you connect with other singles.

STUDENTS – DV8 and 2:52

DV8 and 2:52, our ministries to middle school and high school students respectively, partner with parents and equip students to make wise decisions in their spiritual journey with Christ. Students will gain leadership skills and spiritual stamina for resisting inevitable peer pressure, while courageously pursuing God’s plan for their lives.