We are not here for ourselves, we are here to make an impact in our community and our world – for Good! There are many ways that you can do good. Below we have a list of ways you can be a blessing to others. Click through the different categories to find a task that interests you!

  1. Conduct a neighborhood food drive: Ask your neighbors to collect canned goods. Deliver them to a local food pantry.
  2. Buy groceries for someone in need; Drop items off at a food pantry.
  3. Buy a gift card from a local restaurant and donate it to essential workers at a hospital.
  4. Participate in the Collin County Online Food Drive. Ends May 26th 2020
  1. Sponsor Bingo: Send prizes to a nursing home for them to play bingo. Host it online via Zoom. 
  2. Make Care Baskets for seniors. Deliver them to local nursing homes. 
  3. Write encouraging cards for the elderly and deliver them to a nursing home.
  4. Offer to run errands for the elderly in your neighborhood.
  5. Help an elderly neighbor in your neighborhood with a home improvement project.
  6. Make quilts for the elderly and donate them to a nursing home.
  7. Buy a meal/groceries online and have them delivered to those in need or to the elderly.
  8. Sponsor a nursing home by providing thank you notes to the nurses and residents.
  1. Donate blood (or plasma if you have antibodies).
  2. Order lunch for law enforcement/EMTs in your area.
  3. Write your neighbors notes or cards of kindness/inspiration.
  4. Make hygiene bags with basic essentials for the homeless and write messages of hope
  5. Organize a Diaper Drive in your neighborhood and drop the off at a pregnancy care center
  6. Bring your neighbor’s trash can in from the curb and leave an encouraging note on it.
  7. Tip your server the cost of your entire meal.
  8. Offer to cut your neighbor’s lawn.
  9. Donate new clothes to help those in need.
  10. Pay it forward at a gas station or at a fast food restaurant.
  1. Care for Grocery store workers by buying coffee & donuts, sending cards with encouraging words, gift baskets or gift cards.
  2. Hand out grocery store gift cards, at a grocery store to a family or a person in need (wear gloves & a mask).
  3. Make masks with creative prints and inspirational quotes and donate them to essential workers.
  4. Reach out to our current nonprofits and ask them what they need. Help them.
  5. Pay for the breakfast of a frontline care giver.
  6. Send online gift cards to elderly care workers.
  1. Video chat with loved ones who are high risk and those who are unable to leave their homes.
  2. Use your talents to teach someone. Upload a video of yourself teaching a skill on social media or YouTube EX: How to paint, play an instrument, dance, etc.
  3. Promote a small business. Consider buying a gift certificate to use after quarantine.
  4. Babysit or tutor a kid online via Zoom or Skype.
  1. Write thank-you notes to teachers and mentors who have helped your children during this pandemic.
  2. Family reading night/day – record yourself (and /or your family) reading a book and share it with parents with small children or children hospitals
  3. Use sidewalk chalk to write notes to encourage and uplift spirits.
  4. Host an online prayer group with friends and family for essential workers.
  5. Plan an online game night for neighbors, extended family, classmates, or singles 



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