Each week, we share some words of reflection of one of our partners in the form of a devotional.  This week’s devotional was written by Jason Ray.

The Word:
“Then the Lord said to me, “Even though Moses and Samuel were to stand before Me, My heart would not be with this people; send them away from My presence and let them go! And it shall be that when they say to you, ‘Where should we go?’ then you are to tell them, ‘Thus says the Lord:
“Those destined for death, to death;And those destined for the sword, to the sword;And those destined for famine, to famine;And those destined for captivity, to captivity.”’ Jeremiah 15: 1-2

The Story:
Many times in life, we will need to have uncomfortable conversations.  Even though we know that God has instructed us or put His word on our hearts, we are reluctant because we fear how others will respond to it. When we fear speaking what God has placed on our hearts, we are being disobedient.  God chose Jeremiah as his personal spokesman to deliver a message of destruction to a group of hard-hearted people. Imagine that conversation or better yet put yourself in Jeremiah’s shoes. Because of our lack of faith, we often water down what we know to be true. God has called us to be courageous Christians! We have to trust that God will guide us when we speak.

The Reflection:
What can we do to have uncomfortable conversations in a God-honoring way? Have there been times when we’ve hesitated to speak the truth of God’s Word into a situation? What keeps us from speaking boldly about the Lord?

The Application:
Let us remember to trust the Lord in all that we do and say. He will give us wisdom about when and how to speak His truth to those around us.

The Prayer:
Father, remove all doubt and fear that will prevent us from sharing the words that you have given me to share.  We know that you have chosen us to spread Your message. Help us to walk upright and trust You. Guide us as we boldly walk the journey that You have set us on. Amen.