Dr. Conway Edwards, Lead Pastor

Bible References: 1Samuel 16:6-12; 1Samuel 17:28-30; Genesis 35:17-18

We imprison ourselves with labels – the ones we place on ourselves and the ones others place on us that we accept. By allowing labels to stick, we hold hostage the plans God has for us. We must accept in our hearts that people do not determine our destiny, God does.

Below are six thoughts to help you get out of your “mental prison”.  Remember that:

  1. God labels based on the heart.  People label based on the outside (e.g. external appearances). God looks for those who have a heart for Him.
  2. The enemy labels us to keep us from achieving God’s purpose for us.  View labels as the bumps on a rock-climbing wall; overcoming each bump raises us closer to the potential God has for us.
  3. People label us based on their pain.  If we believe the labels and lies of somebody else’s pain we won’t accomplish what God has sent us to do (Genesis 35:17-18).
  4. God has placed an inextinguishable light within every believer.  We must fiercely protect it, share it, and be the beacon God intended us to be by refusing to label ourselves or accept the labels others have tried to place on us.  By removing these labels we can accomplish God’s purpose for us.
  5. God placed His promise within us, not within our “naysayers”.  Protect God’s gift by not allowing somebody to snuff out the promise.
  6. We are not what people call us; we are what we answer to.

Release yourself from that self-imposed prison; go fulfill God’s purpose for you!