Eric Wooten, Pastor of Family Ministries & Counseling

Bible References: Matthew 16:13-19; Matthew 16:22-23; Matthew 26:31; 1Peter 1:14-16; John 8:12; John 15:5;


To fulfill God’s purpose for us we have to have the “right” label, the one He has given us.  Our identity will determine our destiny.  Unfortunately, sometimes it is easier for us to believe what we say about God than to believe what He says about us in our life.  We have gaps in what God says about us and what we believe about ourselves.

Three points to close the gap and remove labels:

  1. Detect God’s true identity.  Focus on understanding who God is, in turn He will give us our identity.  If it doesn’t fit what God says about us it won’t stick.
  2. There is no better-patented identity alert system than God’s word.  Protection comes from remaining in Him. The enemy will never over power His church.
  3. Jesus will restore us.  He has given us access every time we are in need.  We each have access directly to Him and through the shared body of the Church we have a thriving “membership services team” ready to help.

We all have gaps because we doubt what God has purposed us to do. As long as we continue to focus on man, we will continue to stumble.  Instead, we need to recognize that Jesus never said maintain your love for me He said remain in my love for you.  By focusing on remaining in God’s loving embrace we can live up to the identity He has given us; we can thrive in God’s grace.