Leadership Principles

You Are Made For This:

How will God use your story to change the world for His glory? In this episode, Pastor Conway Edwards talks about his journey from Jamaica to the United States, through corporate America, to seminary, to serving, leading, and then planting One Community Church in Allen, TX. He highlights what happens when God directs your steps and connects the dots of your story.

You Have the Seeds, But Should You Plant:

Pastor Conway Edwards served under Dr. Tony Evans at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship for 12 years before the idea of “planting a church” was put on his heart. In this episode he outlines his process of planning, prayer, and preparation before planting One Community Church in Allen, TX.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go:

How should you balance developing and discipling your teams, while reaching the lost, during rapid growth? On this episode Pastor Conway Edwards walks through his season of rapid growth as a church planter, how he stayed connected to his mission and church members. In this episode he also stresses the importance of having a coach to help navigate “church planting seasons.”

Chemistry, Character, and Competence:

How to build and develop a strong volunteer culture. He also highlights the importance of strategy, and discipleship. Are you thinking about launching a new business, planting a church, learning a new skill, starting a new position in a new profession? Pastor Conway Edwards shares the advice he would tell himself, before planting his church.

Pay Now and Play Later:

Take out your pen and paper. Pastor Conway Edwards outlines his leadership principles, and the importance of intentional apprenticeship.