Pastor Conway Edwards

Bible References: John 1:4; Colossians 3:4


Moving from darkness to light can be startling and almost harsh to our eyes. Likewise, when someone shines the light of truth on something we do not want to address or see, it may make us uncomfortable.

Christ is our light, but there may be areas we do not want Him to shine light on; areas we choose to keep to ourselves. Jesus asks for all of us. When we put something aside and say to the Lord that we are content where we are, we are choosing to separate ourselves from God.  We are trying to compartmentalize God.

Christmas is all about Christ giving his life so we can be illuminated. Life functions like a light. God sent His only son, so through His life His light illuminates us.  God asks us to love unconditionally, to honor our commitments whether to our spouses, children, work, etc. We are to remain resolute to the purpose God has set for us.

To bask in God’s light we cannot want “God on command”. We have to submit to God’s purpose for us. He sent his son so we could have restoration. To drink from the light we have to be exposed. We have to bring all of ourselves to God. Allow God’s light to shine in your life; say, “Yes” to God. Make Him the focal point this week and beyond.

Are you prepared for Him?