Each week, we share some words of reflection written by one of our partners in the form of a devotional.  This week’s devotional was written by Tairi Mobley.The Word:
“Now that no one is justified by the Law before God is evident; for, ‘THE RIGHTEOUS MAN SHALL LIVE BY FAITH.'” Galatians 3:11 (NASB)

The Story:
Faith is a word referred to a great deal in Christian circles; rightfully so, since it is such a vital part of being a Christ follower. Faith connects us to Jesus’ work on the cross for us. But how can I truly live by faith? I am still learning what that means in so many areas of my life. Family situations I have been praying for years are starting to come to fruition, and God is a constant provider for me. The Lord has taken care of even my seemingly insignificant requests. Yet, even when I see God’s faithfulness over and over again, I am challenged! I can clearly see the contrast of how faithful God has been to me and how I struggle with unbelief. I’m finding that faith looks like what we see in the Bible where countless others that have gone before us lived with a knowing that God is who is says He is. Having that knowledge about the Lord tells me I can trust Him fully in any situation.

The Reflection:
What does it mean to live by faith in our walks with God? What are those situations that seem hopeless in which we need to trust God? What can we do to begin to trust God with those situations? Think about that because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we can believe that He will be with us in all situations.

The Application:
It is only by faith in Christ that we can please God. This week, let us identify areas in which we are not living by faith. Let us choose to intentionally trust the Lord even when we are uncomfortable and our circumstances look bleak.

The Prayer:
Lord, we trust in You! Please forgive our unbelief. Help us to know that what You have already done for us is enough. We thank you God that we are precious in Your sight. Amen.