Pastor Eric Wooten

Bible References: 1Samuel 22:20; 1 Samuel 15; 1Samuel 16:1; 1Samuel 30:7-8 and 18-20; Ephesians 6; Hebrews4:12; 2Samuel 12:19-24; 2Corinthians 5:21; Isaiah 61:10

Remember the moments in life that leave you wishing for a “do over?” Or those moments that have your internal critic screaming for you to make different choices? We have all had experiences in our lives that we wish we could change. God, however, wants us to release them. He wants us to know that we have already “made the cut” for His team through our faith in Christ Jesus. So we need to focus, instead, on what He has for us and position ourselves to move towards God.

David understood God’s grace and goodness. He recognized the importance of waiting on God’s direction for every season of his life.  He learned that there is no value grieving over something God didn’t endorse. Every season has a beginning and an end. What we yield from each season depends on whether we are depending upon, and listening to, God’s direction throughout the season or believing we have the answer.

How long will we grieve over the “could have beens” in our life? Grieving robs us of the joy that is. Today is moving day. Stop dreaming about what could have been, or thinking about the past, that season has passed! Move towards the goodness God has for us. Step into your destiny.

We need to lift up our horns so that God can fill us up, pick up our swords to go after what God has promised us, or turn to God in prayer so that He can robe us in His righteousness.