Our Logo


In John 17:21 Jesus is speaking to God the Father and He shares His heart’s desire for oneness among His people. He specifically says “..that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.” Therefore the “O” represents the oneness modeled by Christ and the Father. We strive for that oneness in our small groups and in our church community as a whole.

Inside the “O” is the cross of Christ by which we are eternally free. Without the cross we would be eternally lost and totally incapable of pursuing authentic community (oneness) with others.

The cross leads us to the “N” which represents the newness of life found after the cross and in Christ. The shape of the “N” represents the heartbeat of God which we now have the ability to pursue because Christ bridged the gap between us and God. We believe God’s heart beats for the lost according to Matthew 28:19-20 and He wants us to share His hope with a dying world. We also believe God’s heart beats for His children that they may live for Him completely.

Following the heartbeat of God we can now grow in the new life found in Christ. Growth is represented here by the line flowing from the “N” through the “E”. We believe that growth is best pursued in community. Therefore, the growth line completes the “E” which stands for everyone. Christ died for everyone so that everyone might have access to God.

We believe the cross, pursuing God’s heartbeat, and true community are not only available but required for the abundant life Christ came to give us.