Each week, One Community Church presents a devotional that was written by one of it’s partners. This week’s words of reflection is presented by Chelan Beall.The Word
“Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be established.” Proverbs 16:3 (NASB)

The Story
We are a homeschooled family. Every day, each of my children has his own Bible time with me. During my four year old son’s Bible time, the older children are always drawn in when they hear us talking about God. They desire to participate in the engaging stories and conversations. For weeks, I would tell them to focus on their own school work and not on what their younger brother was doing. I was more concerned that they complete their assignments so that I could finish school for the day. That way, I could focus on other tasks that needed attention. When I began asking God to take charge of my day, everything I did became more fruitful. For instance, my oldest child came in during a Bible time and his questions prompted a 20 minute discussion about the eternity of God. Instead of always planning every moment of my life, I have learned to entrust everything I do to the Lord.

The Reflection
Consider the times we’ve been so focused on completing a task, and that’s caused us to overlook what God had in store for us. How often do we earnestly ask God to be in charge of our daily activities?

The Application
There are many times when we focus on being taskmasters, and checking off our to-do lists. Each morning, let us invite God to guide everything we do so that our lives will truly be a reflection of Christ.

The Prayer
God you are awesome! Your Word is so powerful that it draws us in unexpectedly. Help us to remember to commit everything that we do to You first so that we reflect your goodness. Amen.