Dr. Conway Edwards, Lead Pastor

Bible References: James 1:18-25

What type of spiritual gardener are you?  Do you spend unhurried time with the word of God?  Do you breath in the external word to revitalize what He has implanted within you?

Philippians 4:11 teaches us “to be content in whatever circumstances I am.”  We should be joyful in self-contained happiness because everything we need is already within us, implanted by God.

The Blessed person’s emotions aren’t based on external factors.  He knows that God is good regardless of what the situation looks like.  Contentment stems from a calm, stillness directly connected to God’s wisdom flowing through us.  By establishing a daily practice of taking in the “external word” from our bible reading, meditation, prayer and unhurried time focused and communing with God, we revitalize what He has implanted within us.  It’s like infusing the purest oxygen that we need to survive.

By daily hearing, reading, and applying God’s word we prepare ourselves to fulfill His purpose for us. James 1:18-25 directs us to:

  1. Receive the word.  We are meant to be both doers and hearers of God’s word, by actively preparing our hearts to receive the word when it is given.  God provides nourishment that we have to prepare to receive by listening and internalizing.
  2. Reflect on the word.  Meditate on it.  Gaze and look intently upon it.  Memorize it.  Without ardent preparation the enemy can and will easily distract us from our purpose.
  3. Respond to the word.  Demonstrate that we are “doers” of God’s word through our actions.  We need to make it our preoccupation to apply His word throughout our life.  Allow the word to energize and empower us.

How we respond to the word of God is going to determine how we deal with trials.  Are you committed to maintaining your groove with God by ensuring you have two pedals on your bike as you face the trials God places before you?