Quenching Your Spiritual Thirst

We hope you had an amazing Easter weekend! Check out these notes from this weekend’s sermon.

Pastor Conway Edwards

Bible references: John 19:28-30;John 12:27 & 14:1

As we celebrate God’s gift to us this Easter, we are reminded that all of our needs are fulfilled through Christ Jesus. Through our faith in Christ and commitment to God, we will never thirst. If, however, we choose to seek satisfaction in this world, we will always thirst. Anything we desire outside of Christ is designed to make us want more; it leaves us feeling spiritually and emotionally thirsty. Only He can give us:

1. Significance: As His children each of us is important to Him.

2. Respect: God reveres each repentant soul who returns to Him.

3. Comfort: Through Him we have perfect peace and harmony

4. Control: God gives us free will to choose Him; by letting go and letting God take control of our lives, we can experience His perfection.

There is only one answer to our soul’s craving and that is Jesus.

Action step: How will you reaffirm your commitment to God? Share your joy from Christ’s gift with at least one person this week.