In the United States, 55% of marriages end in divorce, 30% of married couples are miserable, and only 15% of marriages are thriving. The Word of God clearly addresses this issue of divorce, and in Malachi 2:16 states that God ‘hates’ divorce.

Whether you’re a child whose parents divorced, in the midst of a difficult marriage or single, it’s imperative that you know the 4 Steps to Releasing the Divorce Curse.

1. Do Not Marry an Unbeliever (v. 1) – God wants you to marry a Christian because He loves you and cares for you. God wants us to recognize that entering into a covenant relationship with an unbeliever is unacceptable because your spouse will worship another god.

2. Make a Spiritual Connection (v. 13-14) – Our worship to God is directly related to our relationship with our spouse. We are to connect with our spouse and resolve any issue in our relationship. Failure to do so, means that God will not acknowledge our prayers or worship because we have broken our earthly relationships.

3. Focus on the Eternal, Not the Temporal (v. 15-16) – As humans we initially focus on the body (physical attributes) or the soul (characteristics) of the opposite sex. However, with time, these things change and we find that our reasons for marriage were superficial rather than spiritual. We’re unhappy and disappointed and we want a divorce. A spiritual connection is necessary for a healthy and lasting marriage.

4. Focus on Unity Not You (Matthew 19:3-8) – In marriage, God sees the man and the woman as one unit. If you are functioning as two individuals (separate bank accounts, sleeping in separate rooms, refusing to give your spouse access to your cell phone or email account, etc) be careful because you might be preventing God from answering your prayers or giving you the blessings you desire.

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