Pastor Conway Edwards

Bible References: Matthew 6:9-13; Matthew 6:5-8


God has called us to model humility and generosity, the opposite of the idols current culture has erected:

1. Pride – the idea that we don’t need God.  “We have free choice” and can do it all by ourselves. We begin to excuse pride as “leadership” or “confidence”.

2. Greed – the assumption that what we have in our hands is ours. We tell ourselves that whatever we have, we earned. We begin to excuse greed as “good stewardship”.

The current culture has lost touch with God’s reality.  Without Him we are more like hamsters running in a wheel – we’re moving but going nowhere fast.  It is through Christ’s gift to us that we humbly ask for God’s help.  The Lord’s Prayer provides timeless guidance for seeking God’s help and reminds us that we are called to model His values:

  1. Humility – ask God in prayer for His help and guidance
  2. Generosity – extend God’s blessing to us, by sharing with others

How does this relate to the Lord’s Prayer?

To be a “Lord’s Prayer” person we have to be willing and able to live up to God’s will. He knows what we need before we ask. Prayer says, “I am humble.” It says, “I need You.” Through prayer we acknowledge that we cannot do it by ourselves. God wants us to ask for His help.

“Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name.” 

“Our Father” says we are a part of something bigger than just ourselves; we are part of a family. God wants to bless us so we can bless others. God asks that we extend that blessing to others, whether that is sharing our talents, time, home, and money. God the Father has adopted each of us through Christ. “Our” in The Lord’s Prayer also means we have equal access to the Father. It connotes an intimacy with God.  It reminds us that we have a heavenly Father who loves us dearly and is not limited by time and space – “who art in heaven”.

Finally, God is set apart.  Sin cannot come near Him.  He can create something from nothing.  He is most high, thus He asks and expects us, as His children, to respect Him to hold His name as holy.  “…hallowed be thy name”.

This week, read Matthew 6:1-13 and truly feel the words as you pray.