This week we started a  new series titled “Running”. Like Jonah, we run from God and what is contrary to God’s word. Three characteristics of runners are:
1. Runners always run away from the source of wisdom and truth(vs 3) — As we run from the truth of God we associate ourselves with those who will not keep us accountable so we may continue to live outside of the will of God.

2. Runners are the last people to make the connection between their wrong decisions and the chaos around them (vs 5-6) — When our lives are in chaos it is sometimes God causing our lives to be shaken and broken in order to allow the goodness that is within us to be used for his glory.

3. As a runner, you can run away from God but you can never outrun God (vs12-16) — The men on the ship with Jonah experienced the storms intended for Jonah.  Despite Jonah’s disobedience, God accomplished his purpose. God does not need us to accomplish His purpose if we are disobedient toward his direction for our lives.