Running. We all do it. This series challenges us to see how we are running.  In the first two messages, we learned about running away from God and running to God.  As we focus on running with God this week, we should consider Jonah’s response, Nineveh’s response, and God’s relenting.
Highlights from this week’s message:
– God does not lower his standards for us, but creates experiences that raise our behavior.
– Failure is never final.
– Even when God does not show his complete plan, take the first step in obedience.
– God is holy and wherever he sees sin he has to deal with it.
– When the issue is motivation and not information, God can motivates us with fear,
reward, and love.
– God’s promises are contingent on man’s obedience; God’s judgment is averted by man’s
repentance and not simply man’s confession.