On Sunday, Pastor Conway delivered the 4th sermon of the Stuck series. Here are the questions and responses we received about the sermon

Q: What if you are engaged to be married and you start experiencing a lot of issues/problems/arguing…should u continue with the marriage in hopes of working it out in the marriage or postpone and try to work through the issues before the marriage?
A: Depending on the seriousness of the issues, you may want to postpone the wedding.  Seek counseling from wise people and pray and ask God what’s best. Feel free to make an appointment with one of our ministers.

R: Women are not the only ones who don’t want to forgive or cut loose old stuff. I think the first verb is for both men and women
A: Your point is well taken. Our intention is to attempt to present a balanced viewpoint but sometimes certain illustrations focus on one group. We’ll continue to try to be balanced in our teaching.
Q: If God stop hearing our prayers when we don’t forgive, do you have to find everyone in your life that you’ve ever done wrong and apologize or go and  forgive everyone that’s ever done you wrong? Also what if u try to forgive someone but is having a hard time because the person was abusive….does God still not hear your prayers at all? So in the end why should you pray?
A: Forgiveness happens in the heart. It does not require that you tell the person but it does require that you release them so they no longer owe you a debt or an apology. Even if you need to forgive an abuser, remember that God is greater than everything and through His grace you can forgive others.
Q: What do you do when you hope and believe all things, but keep getting disappointed?
A: Yes that is hard but take your disappointments to the Lord and He will meet your needs. People will always let us down but loving them with a godly love means we never give up because God does not give up on us.