Last Sunday, Pastor Cook delivered a message entitled, “Don’t Worry. Be Happy.” Here the answers to the questions that were asked during our services last Sunday.

Q: What is a life group?
A: A life group is a group of people that “do life together.” At One,  these groups meet twice a month, share prayers, support one another, serve the community, and study God’s word.

Q: Having been a mature believer and walking with God for some years,  the 7 G’s are right on point.  However, where would the Beatitudes fit in your 7’s?
A: The 7G’s are a picture of what we believe a mature Christian should look like. This fits with the beatitudes which also give us a picture of the Christian life.

Q: My question is not the size of the rodent (the problem), I worry about what I’m supposed to do about the problem. The decision I need to make about the problem.
A: Decision making is tough. God promises to help us in a number of ways: Through his Scripture, by his Holy Spirit, and seeking wise counsel.

Q: If God knows how long you are going to live before you are born, how can man decrease his days by worrying?  Can man increase his days?
A: God has predetermined all of our days. Medical doctors say there are things we can do that will shorten our life and there are things we can do to extend it. But all of this is relative to the life span of other human beings. Whether we shorten or lengthen our lives, it does not change what God has predetermined.