For those questions that were not answered during one of our four services this past Sunday, here is the weekly sermon question responses.

Q: Why do some people who are not connected still prosper in health? And wealth?
A: God does not give everyone what they deserve. We have all received blessings and favor that we did not deserve. We have been spared punishments that we did deserve. The outward blessings do not tell the whole story. We can not look at someone’s life and know if they are truly blessed with the eternal joy of the Lord or know if God is pleased with them. As Christ followers, our ultimate goal is pleasing God and the joy that comes from it. That is the REAL blessing. Be blessed!

Q: Where do u get your songs?
A: From listening to a lot of music from a lot of different artists and styles. We then pray about what would work best for the people at ONE, what best teaches them about God and His word and what best facilitates a free and authentic worship environment. We hope our worship blesses you.

Q: How do we address homosexuality in the workplace? I personally don’t condone it but the world does. How do we protect our anointing when we are forced to work with homosexuals?
A: Working work with homosexuals does not contaminate your anointing. Homosexuality is no different from any other sin. We all work with sinful people who are liars, prideful, unloving, angry, etc. The issue is who/what you are connecting with. The question is, are you partnering with people who are not convicted about a sin lifestyle?

We all sin but we should be compelled to confess and repent. People who are okay with their sin are dangerous to the anointing in you. Whether it is a friendship, financial partnership, or a romantic relationship we must guard ourselves against people and things that are NOT open to the movement of the Holy Spirit.