There were so many questions we had to split them into two separate postings. Here is the second group. Read the first set here.

What do you do when you have a husband that won’t go to church, but will watch it on tv and listen to it on the radio?

Continue praying for him. Ask your small group to pray for him. Don’t nag him though.

The thesis of this series is, “The traits of the parents often become the tendencies of the children”. As an individual who is a product of unequally yoked parents, how can I break this curse? I do not even know what a ‘real’ Christian mate looks like. I do not want to be with a wolf in sheeps clothing.

We encourage you to read a book called When Love’s In View by Conway and Jada. The book is about finding clarity in dating and relationships, and it is available in the lobby at the table where CDs are sold. We also encourage you to get connected in a life group to be in community were people can care for you and hold you accountable.

What if your spouse wants a divorce and refuses to work things out?

Remember to win your spouse without a word (1 Peter 3). Also embrace 1 Corinthians 13, love believes all, endures all bears all.

How do we keep our children from getting under the curse?

Begin to model and teach God’s truth. You must admit your mistakes and let your kids know what you believe about what God says about marriage and that you will work to have a marriage that pleases Him.

If you marry a man and he turns out to be abusive, is it okay to get a divorce?

Separation should be the first option so that you are safe, then bring the issue to the attention of the church leadership for guidance and direction. Also, if the man is a Christian reconciliation must be pursued. Although it may be wise to separate for safety reasons (under the guidance of spiritual counsel) there must be reconciliation. The person who leaves without attempts at reconciliation is in violation of Scripture.

In the sermon it was said that marrying a believer is the first step in breaking the divorce curse. What if someone has already married a non-believer? What is the first step in that situation?

Follow the principle of 1 Peter 3 which is to win over an unbelieving spouse without a word.

What are the biblical grounds for divorce?

Infidelity and abandonment by an unbelieving spouse. While those are the only two reasons given, the person should still seek the wisdom and guidance of the church rather than making an independent decision to divorce.

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