Last Sunday, Pastor Conway continued with the Anchored Series with his sermon entitled, “Think Right.”  Here are the answers to the questions that we received about the sermon.Q. How is the holy ghost holding back the wrath of God?
A Because of his presence on the earth through indwelling believers God holds back his wrath. For this reason, only known to God, he has chosen to protect believers from experiencing his full wrath.

Q: Can God forgive you if you have had sex before but are now choosing to wait until marriage?
A: Absolutely he Can forgive. There is no sin that God cannot forgive.

Q: So, what’s with the Easter bunny and the eggs? I tried explaining it the other day and did okay, but didn’t know the exact origin and how it got tied to.
A: You can probably do a Google search or send an email to and I can help you find some resources about the origin of the Easter bunny

Q: What does this chart mean? What’s a rapture?
A: The chart is a description of the end of the world as we know it. It lays out the events that will happen including the rapture which is the moment where God will remove all believer’s from the earth.

Q: Are there any plans in the future to have praise and worship CDs? The Praise Team and choir are awesome and I would live to listen to them during the week.
A: There are no plans at this time for a CD. But we’re glad you enjoy the worship.

Q: So when will the end of the world come?
A: Only God knows when the end will come. We only know what happens when it begins.

Q: During the service, we were asked to read the Bible, I try to read the Bible, but I get lost in the text. I learn more during bible study or church service. Is there a Bible that helps with the history behind the passage and references to make the passage more clear?
A: A good study Bible has exactly what you need. You can visit any Christian bookstore and they can help you pick one out.

Q: When the rapture happens….will the people who are left during the tribulation have a chance to repent?
A: Good question. Yes. The people who are left during the tribulation will have a chance to repent.