On Sunday, Pastor Conway delivered the 2nd message in the Stuck series.  Here are some of the questions we received from that message.

Q: I’m trying to remain stuck in a marriage my spouse no longer wants. Do I do what he desires or keep trying to make it work? I’m trying to take my desire to God but I’m getting tired.
A: Follow God even if he doesn’t. You ultimately are only held responsible for your actions. This will be challenging but you must continue to serve and support him as his wife and pray fervently for God to work a miracle in your marriage. God is your advocate and He will protect you yet you must trust him by remaining obedient even when your spouse isn’t. If you would like to speak to someone or have someone pray with you feel free to call this number for an appointment or to speak to someone from our women’s ministry.

Q. Why shouldn’t you give into your spouse? What should you do instead?
A. There is nothing wrong with giving into your spouse as long as it’s not sin or abuse. We are to be servants and model humility as Christ did in Phil 2:3-5.

Q. What are good expectations for your spouse in marriage?
A. In truth, we can only have expectations of God. Expecting our desires/needs to be met from any human relationship will lead to disappointment; no matter how hard the other person tries. Only God is a promise keeper. We can only hope and pray that our spouse follows the voice of the Holy Spirit. It’s hard but it’s the only way we can love without condition.

Q: If we are suppose to have a debt-free relationship with our husband or wife, then how should this differ from someone we are dating.  Are we called to love our spouse in spite of what they do and are we also to love the person we are dating in spite of? Since we still have a choice when we are single.
A: In the dating/courting phase you are not in a covenant relationship. This means you are still deciding if this is the person you will commit to for life. As Christians, we should always have “debt free” relationships with everyone because God has asked us to love according to  I Corinthians 13. But just because we continue to love another person as a brother or sister in Christ doesn’t mean we can’t set boundaries or make a decision not to date/marry that person. You can love a man/woman with a “debt-free” love but still decide not to marry or date them. Once you are married, you have already made your choice and you have to seek to honor God in that relationship.