In continuation of the Stuck series, Pastor Conway delivered the sixth message of the series which was entitled, “Inside The Mind of A Woman.” Here are the answers to the sermon questions that we received about the message.
Q. What if your believing husband has that he is not going to be the spiritual leader, you will have to get it on your own? What is the wife to do?
A. In truth we would encourage you to pray for your husband’s heart to be turned toward God. Maybe he’s not a believer or maybe he’s far from God right now. Pray for him to return to God. In the meantime you just lead yourself (and your kids if applicable) and don’t try and lead your husband. Be encouraged by I Peter 3:1.
Q. What if you have a male friend (accountability partner) in your life and you share things with him before your wife?
A. It’s great to have your accountability partner but don’t let that keep you from sharing personal things with your wife. Pray for understanding to know what to share with her.
Q. Please advise of the scripture around the husband’s responsibility to purify his wife.
A. The scripture is Ephesians 5:25-27
Q. Hi there! As a couple, we are so far away from what we’ve learned in this session and are so close to divorce. There is a desire to stay married, but don’t know how to get out of this rut. Are there any resources?
A. Absolutely! If you are willing to fight for your marriage then we will help any way we can! Are you new to One or are you in a life group? We would be glad to meet with you. Make an appointment with one of our ministers at May God be praised that you are wanting to fight for your marriage! There is hope and we believe in you

Q. How do you deal with the being married and pregnant and not interested in having sex?
A. As a couple you can agree on other forms of sexual pleasure for one another. You can also know that there will be seasons where sex drive isn’t the same or sex is difficult but make sure to keep the marriage bed pure and undefiled. Be encouraged, it will pass.