Each Sunday, we allow our guests to text in any questions that they have about the sermon and other non-sermon related questions.  Those questions that require longer, in-depth answers are answered on our blog.  Here are the questions and answers that we received:Q: Why would u defend a leader if they are wrong?
A: This is a very good question. We are not saying you are to blindly follow leaders. It is perfectly acceptable to disobey a leader if what they are asking you to do is sinful.

Q: So what is the best way to deal with a leader who doesn’t want to listen to suggestions or if u have questions about their leadership style?
A: I hope you are not in this situation. The best way is to talk directly with them first in a loving way. If they do not listen you need to let them know that you do not feel they are listening to you and that you will talk to their leader. In doing this you are being open about everything. I will forward the Scripture from Matthew later.

Q: How does submitting to leadership work when dealing with our govt and school budget cuts and we as parents and educators are not happy?
A: Great question! You can discuss your dislike of the circumstances however you have to be careful not to gossip and slander your political and civil leaders.

Q: So how do you deal with habitual problems, as in the example of a leader is late or last-minute organizing tasks?
A: If the problem is habitual you have to go and talk to the leader. If they do not listen you will have to let them know that you feel they are not listening and that you will have to go to their leader above them. In doing this you are keeping lines of communication clear and it will not appear you are going behind their backs. The conversation you have with your leader should be a loving one. See Matthew 18:15-18.

Q: Is it Christ like to be happy about killing of Bin Laden?
A: We are told all throughout the Bible to love our enemies (neighbor, see matt 22:36-40) and that includes Bin Laden. While we do not celebrate his death (because he is most likely in hell) we do celebrate the fact that he can no longer cause others harm. We also celebrate with the families who have lost loved ones because they can now have closure and peace.