Many of you texted questions during one of our four services this past Sunday. For those questions that were not answered, here is the weekly sermon question responses.

Q: If u always give and take the high road someone may take that as a sign of weakness???
A: According to Christ’s example in Philippians 2 we have to trust God to exalt us and protect us; even from people that may take advantage of us.

Q:What if the authority is verbally abrasive and accusatory and threatening. Are the still more important than me?
A: Yes. According to Christ’s example (Phil 2) the other person will always be more important. Even if it seems like they don’t deserve it because that’s how Christ treats us. If a person isn’t treating you well pray and seek direction from God. Sometimes we need to overlook the offense (Prov 17) and sometimes we need to confront in love (Matt 18).

Q: He spoke of what would Christ do in the situation even when the facts are on you side. He also spoke of being selfish. What’s the difference between being selfish and having boundaries?
A: The difference is motive. Boundaries still prioritizes the other person over yourself. For example, you may set a boundary of not loaning money to a person that never repays. But the motive would be to not promote poor stewardship. Which means you would be praying and asking God about what to do in their best interest. That still prioritizes the other person even though its the tough part of love. If the motive were simply because you didn’t want to or didn’t trust them and you didn’t seek God/the Bible/etc, that would be selfish.