The message on tongues was pretty insightful and confirming to some, yet deeply challenging to others. a record number of people have texted in their questions which we have answered here. Please feel free to ask any additional questions you may have by posting a question in the comment box below. This is an important issue to many of you and we want to be sensitive and open to answering whatever questions you may have.

Q: Do those who have the gift to speak in tongues speak it at will? Or is it uncontrollable?

A: It’s not uncontrollable but it must be relevant to the situation and for God’s glory. And since it’s a language it would be unnecessary unless someone needed to communicate and didn’t speak the language.

Q: How does  God give you a gift of celibacy?

A: It’s not a spiritual gift but God can grant a unique gift of singleness/celibacy if that is what best meets His agenda. For example, Paul’s calling was best met by him being single/celibate.

Q: So what to think about pastors who shout out in tongues during the sermon?

A: According to scriptures it must be done with interpretation so the body is edified and God is glorified. Without interpretation it is self glorifying and creates confusion rather than unity.

Q: Do we have anyone at One that has the gift to interpret tongues?

A: It’s hard to know for certain since we don’t know everyone’s spiritual gifts. But if someone were to speak in tongues we would know it’s in order if interpretation was given.

Q: I have personally spoken in tongues. Is Pastor saying someone somewhere actually understands it??

A: Perhaps but that would depend on if it was an occurrence of the gift. Many of us have been taught how to speak in tongues and we can do it like second nature. I’ve seen children do it but that doesn’t justify the actual gift of tongues.

Q: What is the language of tongues? i.e. French, Spanish…

A: It depends on what is needed in the moment for the edification of the people involved and God’s glory. There are missionaries who’ve been able to temporarily speak a variety of languages.

Q: So what is the spiritual/religious ‘classification’ of ONE? (Charismatic, etc)

A: One is a non-denominational bible church.

Q: What is the explanation of those that interpret tongues?

A: It varies according to the situation. It is usually a message God has for the group of people. It could be related to specific issues that a church is dealing with or even a group or individual within the church. It may be to people on an international mission field that need to hear the gospel but don’t speak the language of the missionary

Q: If it is for a person to speak a language to a person in which you didn’t learn, why do you need an interpreter? The unbeliever understood you. Why does the body need to Edified? God let yo speak it to save the unbeliever.  If that’s the only tongues we wouldn’t need an interpreter. I’m confused.

A: You would only need an interpreter if the person speaking in tongues did it publicly. So the whole body/group would know what the intended receiver heard. Also a person may be speaking something to a group of people who speak a certain language and the interpreter would interpret what was said so the right person would know the message is for them.

Q: It is often said that Christians should not listen to secular music because of the profanity, offensive language, and suggestive lyrics Christians not also watch common TV shows or PG-13 or R rated movies?

A: According to Rom 12:1-2 and Col 3:2, we have to be careful what we allow to enter our minds. Even a show on the Disney channel or a G-rated movie may have things we need to avoid. It’s better to analyze everything! The Holy Spirit will show you what to avoid.

Q: What do you say to a mega church whose pastor supposedly teaches his church how to speak in tongues? And it’s not Spanish….

A: We would encourage you to pray for him. That he seeks the scriptures to ensure he’s edifying the body and glorifying God. There are many leaders who use an inaccurate interpretation of the scriptures so we need to be in prayer.

Q: If the tongues are for the unbeliever, why would maturity make it go away if it was for the unbeliever not for the church, as stated in the scriptures. What is the difference between tongues and utterances which the bible speaks of?

A: Tongues would go away from being used as a sign or wonder to make people believe God so while it may be used to witness to individuals it shouldn’t characterize a church.

Please state scriptures you are referring to when you say “utterances”

Q: What does the gift of prophecy look like today?

A:  It looks like men or women receiving a word of knowledge (being able to provide specific passages of scripture to a person or group that apply to them in a way the “prophet” wouldn’t know) or by a word of wisdom (being able to APPLY specific passages of scripture to a situation the prophet didn’t have previous knowledge of). It can also be specific warnings God gives a prophet to share with a person or group.

Q: Is the list of tongues exhaustive?

A: The list of gifts is exhaustive but you may discover you have certain capacities or gifts that fall under the umbrella of listed gifts.

Q: Can we take the lack of a need for a sign to a micro level?  For ex: if we are praying for a sign to increase our faith, perhaps God will withhold the sign because our maturity/faith doesn’t need the sign?

A: To an extent yes. It may be that God knows your faith is stronger than you think it is and He’s already revealed His truth for that situation through his Word, spirit or people and He is just waiting on you to respond.

Q: So if you are not married, you should be celibate, right? If this is not what is right then what is?

A: Yes if you’re single you should abstain from sex which is also called celibacy. But the gift of celibacy refers to a person that God gives a unique calling that requires them to stay single for life. Usually a person with a gift of celibacy doesn’t have a desire to marry but rather serve the Lord full time. For example, a woman like Mother Theresa had this gift.

Q: What is the difference between tongues and utterances which the bible speaks of?

A: Tongues is the language (Arabic, Greek, French, etc) the “utterance” simply means what’s actually being spoken. That word means a specific direction or certain discourse. You can have an utterance from the Holy Spirit in English, Spanish, etc. The utterance is simply a word that means something “intentional or focused” not random. People often use it to mean something random or unpredictable and that’s simply not what the word means. Hope that helps.

Q: Is praying in the spirit, praying in tongues. Are you saying tongues should only be used toward unbelievers?

A: Praying in the Spirit means seeking forgiveness of sins (Matt 5:23-25) in humility so you can remove the desires of the flesh and seek God earnestly (1 Pet 2:1, Matt 6:5-13).

Secondly, the body of Christ was edified in Acts 2 because the Jews had been scattered to many different nations and spoke many different languages so when the disciples received the gift of tongues they were able to spread the gospel in the various languages. People edified and God glorified – Awesome! (Acts 2:5-11)