Many of you texted questions during one of our four services this past Sunday. For those questions that were not answered, here is the weekly sermon question responses.

Q: My question is the following: If God tells you to step out in deep water and your spouse disagrees what should you do?

A: If you are the wife, you need to walk by faith and ask God to either clarify what he’s told you or change your spouse’s heart. If you are the husband I would give the same advice except that you may ultimately have to move forward even if your wife disagrees.

Q: Can you please give me some scriptures on forgiveness?

A:  Matt 6:12-15, Matt 18:21-35, Mark 11:25

Q: What do you do when a wife wants to be fully committed to One, but the husband does not?

A: It depends on why he doesn’t want to commit.  Is he committed to another church? If yes, you need to support him and attend with him. If he’s not attending anywhere you can attend One as your primary church. Either way pray about it more then talk to him about it.

Q: Are there scriptures that deal with the issue of being an enabler?

A:  Yes, actually if you truly understand 1 Corinthians 13 then you will see that love does not seek its own agenda. When you put others before self, you do what’s best for them. Enabling someone to stay in unhealthy patterns of behavior is not loving at all. It may require you to have an uncomfortable or difficult conversation. True love is enduring what’s uncomfortable for you because it’s the best thing for the other person.

Q:  What about the Christians who are shallow because they are still growing in the word? How long should this take? Is it fair to call us shallow?

A:   Shallow really refers to people who want to find their contentment in the shallow end. If you are growing in Christ and seeking Him then you’re not a shallow Christian. Remember the “deep” water is not the same for everyone – it is whatever requires faith for you. Your “shallow” may be “deep” for someone else who is not as mature  or vice versa. Just keep pursuing God and you won’t have to worry about living life in the shallow end!

Q:  What’s the difference between stepping out on faith and not using wisdom in your decisions?

A:  It depends a lot on the 5 doors that Pastor taught on last week: (prayer, the word of God, the church, etc.). I would recommend you review the message from September 5th. When those doors are in sync you can rest assured that the direction is a step of faith that God wants you to take (even if it seems unwise according to man’s standards).