For those questions that were not answered during one of our four services this past Sunday, here is the weekly sermon question responses.

Q:  Why does Pastor mention coming to Church? This may lead some to believe the only way to have a relationship w Christ is by coming to a building.

A: Pastor mentions coming to church because the Bible says we should regularly gather as an assembly (group). It’s one of the ways we strengthen each other. Also, God desires worship from the gathering of His people. It also serves as a place (wherever it may be) that non-believers can come to learn about how the community of God functions. God values community as a part of how we grow – there are many references to the “assembly” of believers in the Bible. The scriptures also teach us the importance of regular teaching & worship as a group. Leviticus 16 discusses how God made provisions and set rules for the entire assembly. Some additional scriptures include: Numbers 20, Deuteronomy 9, Ecclesiastes 12:9, Hebrews 10:24-25 and Romans 10:14.

Q: Is the church a building or people?

A: The church is a group of believers that share the same faith & beliefs about God. It’s why we can be a church but we meet in a hotel & some churches meet in homes. The building houses the church but it’s not the church.

Q:  Is there a difference between listening to music that contains ungodly things and watching movies, TV shows, comedians, etc. that contain ungodly things. If so, what’s the difference?

A: No, there is no difference. The bottom line is we only have so much space in our hearts and mind.  We will either fill it with things of the Spirit or things of the flesh. Whether it’s music or movies – if it’s not of the Spirit we are getting full of the wrong stuff!