The following were submitted during parts 2 and 3 of the current sermon series.  As usual, the comments section is open for discussion. What if my spouse or my parent does not want to get from under the curse?
These questions are really difficult to answer without knowing more details. However, in general, if you have lovingly confronted someone who is in sin and does not want to change, it may be helpful to follow the process in Matthew 18:15-18 where you can take someone else along with you. Admittedly this may not be that easy if it’s a child having to confront a parent. Whatever the case, constant prayer and fasting should be considered.

How is it possible that we cannot lose our salvation?

When we become Christians, Paul says we are baptized into the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:13). However, it is not us doing the baptizing, it’s the Spirit. So then, if the Spirit is the one doing the baptizing, the question then becomes, who does the unbaptizing (not a real word)? To answer this question, it helps to look at what Christ said in John10:27-30. All those who believe in Christ are given to him by the Father. Christ says, that once they are given to him (baptized into his body), they cannot be taken back (unbaptized).

Why do Catholics pray to saints for heavenly intervention? Is this practice biblically acceptable.

The short answer: Catholics, like us, believe in life after death. For this reason, they believe that Christians who are in heaven can intercede on their behalf. Non-Catholics (us) believe that we should only pray to God since this is the practice that is seen in the Bible.

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