We are often plagued by addictions that hold us captive and become fortresses (2 Cor 10:4). A fortress may be represented as a tomb, citadel, stronghold, or addiction. Some of our fortresses can be a drug or alcohol addiction, but at times they may also be things that are seemingly benign such as our emotions and food.

The enemy causes speculations in our minds that are not of God. Speculations are ideas that are independent of God’s word (2 Cor 10:4). Our warfare is against spirits and principalities and we are given weapons and divine power to demolish strongholds.

The enemy erects lofty things or barriers (2 Cor 10: 5) in our lives to block the light (God’s word) from entering into our lives or situations. These barriers then block the transfer of information from God’s word to us, which results in Christians living in darkness. Once “lofty things” or barrier are removed, the light of God will shine truth into our situations.

How Do We Break The Curse

The spiritual man discerns all things. Every thought should be taken captive (2 Cor 10:5). To destroy fortresses, we must battle our thoughts. The enemy’s goal is to plant the seed of deception/doubt in our minds. His chief desire is that that seed take root and grow into a fortress. We tell ourselves we can break an addiction, but there is no power in our own words. Every thought should be filtered through the word of God before it takes root in our minds.

When fortresses continue to be present in our lives, we must acknowledge that there is an area of our life where disobedience is present (2 Cor 10: 6). Full obedience is required for the destruction of a fortress.

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