On Sunday, One began its newest series, “Releasing Generational Burdens.” This 8-week series will take a deeper look at generational curses and how to find freedom from the traits of our parents, grandparents and past generations. This Sunday’s was laying the foundation for the series. Below, we have included important points to guide you through the rest of the series.

Key Points
1. God is a transgenerational God.
2. God wants exclusive rights to your life.
3. Procreation was meant to be physical and relational.
4. Satan understands the importance of God’s relationship with man, so Satan fractured that relationship thus inaugurating a curse on God’s children.
5. The traits of the parents often become the tendencies of their children.
6. When you are no longer giving God exclusive rights to your life, you are saying you hate God.
7. When you choose idolatry, you have created an environment for a curse to be present in the life of your children.
8. You have the power and authority to stop generational curse.

Key Definitions
= Anything so essential to your life that if you were to lose it, you would feel that your life would not be worth living. An idol is anything that you are using to provide peace, happiness, comfort or security. Examples of idolatry include money, proving self-worth, success, appearance, entertainment, etc.
Blessings = Enjoyment/full participation in the will of God in your life.
Curse = Misery and emptiness experienced by not fulfilling your divine role and purpose.