Pastor Conway Edwards

Bible References: 2 Chronicles 7:1-14

Are you on fire for God?  Fire in the Bible represents the presence of God.  When we’re following our true purpose, glorifying God, we are on fire.  For the Church to be a place where the presence of God resides, we must avoid these four things:

  1. Pride – thinking higher of ourselves than we do God
  2. Independence – thinking we can do it without God, rather than first praying to God
  3. Being Presumptuous – being self-centered
  4. Prioritizing Others Above God – putting anything above God (e.g. money, life style, beauty, sex, children, reputation, status, etc.)

If we are going to maintain our fire for God and ensure the Church remains a place where His presence resides, we must be:

  1. Praying people – in all times giving thanks for His mercy & grace
  2. Paying people – gladly giving of all our resources (time, finances, gifts) to help continue God’s work
  3. Passionate people – seeking every opportunity to be fully focused and driven in accomplishing God’s purpose for us
  4. Worshipping & Praising people – glad hearted, lifted voices, raised to glorify God

By avoiding the first four and devoting ourselves to the latter four, we can gladly experience God’s grace and mercy.  His grace is when He  gives us what we don’t deserve.  Mercy is when He withholds what we do deserve.

Let us seek to be a church on fire for God!