August 3, 2014
Pastor Conway Edwards

Bible references: Matthew 16:13-19; Ephesians 2:19-25

The Church is formed as a community of individuals spiritually linked together to reflect and legislate the values of God’s kingdom. It is like a little bit of Heaven here on earth – a spiritual embassy that can provide a glimpse, a preview of what God will give us. Like all embassies, for it to function effectively it must have influence. To have influence we first must be heard. We still think we are the majority so we speak with authority. In reality, we have become the minority. We must strive to gain influence with those around us to set an environment for others to be willing to hear our voice.

1. Approach Matters!
– Our goal is to win people’s commitment and souls for Christ.
– Success is dependent on our ability to forge a lasting and meaningful connection with others so they will be open to what we have to share.
– The truth in an atmosphere of love will win more souls than the truth in an environment of judgment.

2. Name your idol then give it up.
– We have chosen to elevate other things above Christ in our life (e.g. money, individualism, family, sensuality, fitness, food, etc.).
– Before we can change that we first have to name it, acknowledge it, and set a plan to restore God at the center of our lives.
– The church cannot co-sign on our idols; it must be a community linked together to reflect God’s values.

What step will you take this week towards practicing your approach and ensuring Christ remains the primary focus within your life?