Pastor Conway Edwards

Bible Reference(s): Matthew 5:1-16

There are three types of Christians, the:

  • Isolationist: Christians that decide they don’t want to be part of God’s larger plan they worry about themselves; they want separation from the unbelievers.
  • Conformist:  Christians who want to blend in and sometimes join in.  The problem is lines become blurred, you don’t really know which side they’re on – the world’s or Christ’s.
  • Ambassador: Christians that are called to represent another set of values, Christ’s values.  They want to help bring as many people to God as possible.  They are like the “salt of the earth”.

To understand the statement “salt of the earth” you need to understand what salt does.  Salt creates a thirst and slows decay.  When we reflect Christ’s character in our lives, others begin to want the peace and joy we have. It creates a thirst in the un-churched to have Christ in their lives thereby reducing the decay, chaos in our society, one person at a time.

The goal within the Church is for all of us to be “Ambassadors”, the “salt of the earth”, anxious to share Christ’s story and promise, enthusiastically living a life that provides a positive example, and ready for each opportunity to engage others in the discussion that’s important to supporting their positive relationship with God.  Sharing does require the “right approach”; that is important and must be our priority.  Our approach is critical to connecting with others; reaching them so God can do what he does best, change their hearts.

This is why once we have the person’s attention, content is key.  We should:

  • Make the message engaging
  • Make it something helpful to the person’s current situation
  • Connect the message to what you have learned; make it personal and real

Are you up to the challenge of being an “Ambassador” for Christ?