The bad news: everyone was born under a curse as a result of the first sin. God is holy and perfection is required of man to “reverse” that curse. The truth: man can never achieve this perfection. Man could try every day of his life to achieve perfection through works, good deeds and “godly” acts and nothing would meet God’s standard for perfection. But much like the church in Galatians, many Christians are living by the law and working for their salvation. The result: they are under a curse.
The Law
– The Law shows us how we have missed the mark.
– The Law shows us how unlike God we are.
– One violation of the law is a complete violation of the law.

Freedom from the Curse
– Realize that you must live a perfect life or depend on someone (Christ) to live a perfect life for you (v. 10-12).
– Understand that Christ redeemed us by dying on the cross, absorbing sin, and imputing his righteousness to you (v. 13).
– Understand that you must make a choice to accept or reject God’s free gift of salvation (v. 14).