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Honoring the Marital Covenant – Pastor Conway

Bible References: Song of Solomon 8:6-7

This week we were reminded that marriage is a covenant. It’s a commitment with God to remain united in faith to the one we have married. Unfortunately, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that the commitment is not only between us and our spouse but a covenant with God. We may get distracted by the superficial trappings – how someone looks, what they have, who they know instead of how together you can fulfill God’s purpose and plan. We take a consumerism approach to a sacred covenant. The test is for each of us to fully love and commit to the person as they are, just as Christ committed to meet us where we are.

To strengthen our marriages, our relationships, we need to stop being consumers and be resolute in our commitment to God, our “promise of future love” to our spouse regardless of what occurs. The world needs and deserves to see the example of a God-centered relationship. Each of us can provide that as followers of Christ, who provided the ultimate example.