In our current series, we are learning about the intimacy God desires for us to have. This week, we explored how married couples can become strangers. Join us each week for a recap of our weekly sermons!

The New Garden (Part 3): Reclaiming Relational Intimacy
Pastor Conway
Bible References: Genesis 2:18-25; Ephesians 5:29; Proverbs 17:7

People often get married because they’ve fallen in love with an image, with romance, and want time to freeze. But, time waits for no man. People, things, and circumstances all change. Two ways that we fall into this trap are:

1. We do not love unconditionally and in a way to create a safe environment for open, truthful communication between ourselves and our spouses.

2. We withdraw or create an environment where our spouses withdraw from us and there isn’t any communication. When left to our own devices, we stop growing spiritually.

God asks us to ensure marriage is built on a solid foundation composed of:
1. Constancy – commitment through good and bad times. Proverbs 17:7 reminds us that God’s love and grace are constant for those who love him and “those who diligently seek him”. He expects us to provide the same to our spouses.

2. Transparency & Candor – awareness of our frailties and issues, and ownership of them. We need to be held accountable and not pass them off. Transparency can only be maintained as we affirm and uplift our spouses in their openness.

3. Sympathy (sym pathos) – having a common passion. This is the foundation for the spiritual friendship required to create a strong foundation in marriage.

Ultimately, God is calling us to be His partner when we enter into marriage. God helps each of us daily to become our best selves. When we enter into marriage, God asks us to roll up our sleeves and help our spouses along their journeys. When we honor that request, we are doing what God has done for us. He is our friend on our worst day. Continually pursue the glorified person in your spouse that God is trying to bring out of them.