Instinctively, bees realize they must work together to achieve their one goal/purpose. The church is made up of unique individuals with different roles working together for the purpose of Christ. The hope of today’s Church is that we would embrace this idea so that the Church can reach its full redemptive power. When we lose focus, this message reminds us to:

1. Lean Back (v 3) – We are to lean back and realize that it ultimately is not about us. We are to be unified and realize unity is not sameness; it is having the same purpose.

2. Learn to Count (v 3) – We are to count others before self.

3. Look Away (v 4) – Be humble and look away from self. Humility is not thinking less about ourselves, it is about not thinking of ourselves at all.

4. Look to Jesus (v 8-11) – Look to the ‘One’ who gives us direction.

As a church body, we are to be One. Our responsibility is to be like-minded, being one in spirit and purpose (v 2). That is the power of One.

Power of One