Over the course of the last few weeks in our Jonah series, we’ve learned:
1)You can run but you cannot outrun God
2) God is generous in his grace, even though he is thorough in his discipline
3) Failure is not final
4) God’s circle of grace is for everyone not a select few.

Sunday’s concluding message to our Running series was completed with “The Sign of Jonah” (Matt 12:38-42).

Highlights from the message:
-Spiritually immature people, like the Pharisees, seek a sign in order to believe.
-Followers of Christ identify themselves by the love they display.
-Like the city of Nineveh, we should believe without requiring a sign.
-Jesus gave the “sign of Jonah” as the response to a request for a sign.
-The sign of Jonah was that new spiritual life came from Jonah’s obedience.
-Like Jonah, new spiritual life for others should come from our obedience.